5 Reasons to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner
Photo by Emillian Robert Vicol. Flickr.com

Do you have a room that needs cooling but don’t want to mess with a window air conditioner? If so, a portable air conditioner could be your answer! These type of units are extremely easy to set up and in just a few minutes you can have the comfort you’ve been looking for. Also, many of these type of air conditioners also can heat, so they can be used year-round. Below are 5 reasons you should buy a portable air conditioner.

Easy Setup

Portable air conditioners can be installed in 20-35 minutes. All that you need is a nearby power outlet and a window. Although these ACs don’t hang out of the window like window ac’s do, they require ventilation of hot air. They do this through a kit that is installed at the window, where the hot air is expelled outside through a ventilator hose similar to a dryer hose. For more information on how to install a portable air conditioner, you can see the article, Portable Room Air Conditioner Installation from our friends at The Air Conditioner Home Guide.

Reasonable Price

A typical price range for ACs ranges from $220-$550. Factors that determine their price include BTUs, brand, etc. Because of their ease of installation and the fact that they can be moved to other rooms as needed, it’s may be worth spending a little more on a portable air conditioner as opposed to a window unit.

Portable Air Conditioner

As an example, this model is priced modestly and performs well. It is currently $379.00 at Amazon with free shipping. For more information, visit this page.

Portable Air Conditioners Can be Used in Rooms Without Windows

Portable air conditioners are perfect for rooms without windows, like an attic or a computer server room. The ventilation hose can be installed in other ways besides a window. This video shows how a portable AC was installed in an attic apartment using the dryer vent opening.

If the air conditioner is for an inside room without any openings, there is a way to install the ventilation hose through a wall. You would need to create an opening and attach the hose to it.

Portable ACs Don’t Affect the Outside Look of Your Home.

If your home’s look is important to you, or your neighborhood has restrictions on window units, a portable AC would work well because it doesn’t hang from a window. Most portable ACs will include a window kit that will allow you to attach the vet hose without any damage to the window.  For example, this window kit can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit Edited
Portable Air Conditioner Vent

The hose fits into the opening of the adapter and the window rests on it providing an air-tight fit.

Quiet Operation

Portable Air Conditioners tend to operate at a quieter volume than window units. If noise level is important to you, then a portable AC would be the way to go.

Other Thoughts

A portable air conditioner is also a good option when the shape of the window is irregular and would not work with a window air conditioner. Older homes and apartment often have odd shaped windows so a portable unit would the be way to go.

No matter which type of AC you decide on, a portable air conditioner could be an option that you may not have considered. They are reasonably priced, easy to install and provide comfortable climate control without breaking the bank.